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Vendor: SSTLLP - Restaurant & Retail POS Software

This product is available
  • KOT and billing via touch screen
  • Ordering through Mobile Apps and Tabs
  • Managing orders between stores
  • Processing of customers’ order and back order
  • Supports numerous measurement units
  • Maintaining stock journal
  • Alerts for shortage, excess, and wastage of items
  • Sends SMS alerts and Email notifications
  • Keeps control on the purchase of the raw material
  • Generated buyer loyalty points
  • Displays graphs and charts to evaluate the situation better
  • Integrates weighing scale for easy billing
  • Speedier than manual maintaining of cash register or any other solution
  • Reporting can be both mobile and web-based
  • Separate counters for bill, cash, and delivery
  • Facilitates prepaid cards Integration
  • Managing of recipes together with production
  • Reporting of physical verification of stocks and any variances
  • Manages price list or rate contract list for monthly purchases/deliveries
  • Food costing as well as menu engineering
  • Integration of payroll as well as financial account
  • Synchronization and analysis of data across the chain

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