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Rancelab Training

RanceLab POS Training

Employment opportunities are everywhere, sometimes you just need an advantage!

SSTLLP is a software company, which has been educating Employees, Management and Owners on the point of sale industry for more than 11 years. Till now, the training has been available in-house only for their existing customer base.

Now, it is being introduced to anyone who has a desire to enhance and improve their employment opportunities, advance their careers or even improve their business’s bottom line.

We ask a question here to everyone: What is the starting career for most people? The answer is usually work in a restaurant or a retail store. By the first step in education and training in such types of environments through professionals in the industry, the chances of employment are enhanced and increased. Moreover, the existing store managers and owners desire to participate in these workshops to gain the ability to analyse what areas of their business needs to increase their profits, staff and customer satisfaction. Through the means of our training workshops, gaining the ability to give an overall assessment of their business is an invaluable tool. The skills we offer would stay and travel with you for lifetime, which will allow you to continue to look for more better opportunities.

We aspire to empower rural areas through education and even entrepreneurialism. The belief which exists is that these communities will gain the strength and numbers as their own people desire to create new businesses, and enhances others to stay and work in their localities due to the fact that they already have the skills needed to keep those areas thriving and growing.

A certificate of training will be awarded upon completion of each course, and a reference opportunity to any job opportunities that would exist with the customers of SSTLLP using Rancelab Software. Some of our placements are made in Uncle Jack’s , Sindhi Sweets, Modern Book Store, Harish Bakery, Almond House, Nik Baker’s MG Supermarket, AvinKarthik Restaurants, Silver Spring Hotels in Uganda, Chicknet and many other successful shops.

Your Dreams Our Success

Rancelab point of sale offers most reliable, supportive, simplified and enthusiastic support for your success.