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Home Delivery

Turn Your Good Restaurant into a Great Business

For restaurant and fast food joints,FusionResto is ready-to-use software. FusionResto manages your operations efficiently, whether you own a single joint or a chain. It increases your productivity. It improves customer satisfaction. Unlike others, maintains strict financial control. It empowers you to face tough competition and the challenges. It helps you stay ahead of other similar businesses..

Rancelab has an easy-to-setup outlet, forced question, modifiers, outlet specific menu, combo offers, service modes as well as void reasons. The intelligent home delivery feature offers you a cashless transaction for fast and smooth PoS operations. To cope up with issues like high labour turnover and for relatively low computer literate people, Touch point of sale with lowest learning curvefeauture works well..

In today’s time, people prefer home deliveries instead of getting their heads burned in markets to eat or to shop. This changing lifestyle of people have promoted the growth of delivery business in the country.

The food being served by such home delivery services taste just like home cooked food and sometimes even more better. They are made on the basis of various diet programs and are healthy as well.

Food delivery services provide convenience. The food is ordered from such services, the deliver it and at last is consumed, with no struggle to make grocery lists or struggling to remember ingredients in the house or trying to pore over recipes. For busy individuals who do not have time to shop every week,Food delivery systems are perfect.Those who cannot get out of the house to shop, such as the disabled or elderly,Food delivery systems are beneficial to them..

Product Features

  • Touch screen Order (KOT) and Billing
  • Mobile Apps and Tab based ordering
  • Dining-in, Take Away and Home delivery
  • Single order routed to multiple kitchen and bar
  • Check stock count at PoS for today’s special
  • Print Manager responds if a KOT is not printed
  • Tip accounting and Reservation system
  • Graphical Layout of Restaurant floor
  • Strict control on raw material purchase
  • Customer loyalty program and point generation
  • Graphs and Chart for better analysis
  • User defined Menus with Today's Special
  • Tag each item with photo for easy identification
  • Add modifiers like "Less Spicy" and "No Onion"
  • Redirect all printing to nearby working printer
  • Manage stock of premium liquor
  • Recipe management with Production
  • Physical Stock taking and Variance reporting
  • Rate Contract / Price List for monthly supplies
  • Food Costing and Menu Engineering
  • Integrated payroll and financial account
  • SMS and Email alerts
  • Whatsapp Integration
  • Third Party Integration

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