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Fine Dining Restaurant

Turn Your Good Restaurant into a Great Business

With digitization, managing a business and its day-to-day operations has become easier. This applies to the restaurant business as well. SSTLLP has come up with FusionResto, the best restaurant management software, for fine dining restaurants, bars, pubs, disco, and night clubs. Whether you are the owner of a single restaurant or a chain of restaurants, the software can help in managing your operations effectively.

The major benefit of FusionResto is that it allows you to focus on the main aspects of business instead of looking after day-to-day operations. The software can empower any restaurant business to sustain the fierce competition in the market and overcome the challenges.

SSTLLP’s best restaurant management software offers easy to set-up tables section and seats along with the user-defined menu, forced question, modifiers, item prices, combo offers, service modes, cancellations, and void reasons. It can be considered as a brilliant touchpoint of sale prints order to multiple kitchens and beverage counters.

Not only that the smart print manager prompts if the order is not printed and further allows routing it to the nearby working printer. The software helps in managing premium liquor as well as its stock in bottles.

Rancelab assists in offering an incredible experience to guests with better customer service. It allows taking orders fast and processes them efficiently. It can also save time for the chefs and bartenders, so that waiting time is reduced. The orders can be processed quicker with the software.

It comes up with an excellent reservation system which helps the restaurant in looking after premium guests. With the help of a graphical layout, the manager can verify and update the status of every table. Also, the alert system sends Thank You notes to the guests as a positive gesture. The software manages complex discounts, gift vouchers, and discount coupons redemption along with happy-hour pricing, product or category-based offers, and seasonal or bill value-based promos quite seamlessly. You can keep an eye on the physical stock along with material purchase and payments.

Product Features

  • Touch Screen Kitchen Order Token (KOT) and Billing
  • Menus for Customers with Today's Special
  • Facilitates order via Mobile Apps and Tab
  • Labels each item with picture to identify easily
  • Manages Dine-in, Take Away and Home delivery
  • Adds modifiers like “No Onion” or "No Spices or Less Spicy"
  • Routes single order to multiple kitchens and bars
  • Sends all printing commands to the nearest working printer
  • Checks today’s special stock count
  • Manages premium liquor stock
  • Customer Tip Accounting and Table Reservation System
  • Manages Recipe along with production
  • Displays Restaurant floor’s Graphical Layout
  • Reporting of physical stocktaking and any variances
  • Graphical Layout of Restaurant floor
  • Maintains Price List/Rate Contract for monthly deliveries
  • Keeps a check on the purchase of raw material
  • Menu Engineering and Food Costing
  • Generates customer loyalty points
  • Combined financial and payroll account
  • Exhibits Graphs and Charts to analyse
  • Sends SMS and Email notifications
  • Whatsapp Integration
  • Third Party Integration

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