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Point of Sale (Touch & Scan)

The Fastest Checkout People

Customer spends more time in your store selecting items but when it comes to billing – she needs this fast. No waiting time etc. High labor turnover and relatively low computer literacy is common in retail industry, so it is critical that your POS system requires little training to operate.

RanceLab®8 's Touch and Scan POS are cashier friendly interfaces that makes faster checkout and cash control, yet records accurate and legible information at your point of sale.

Scan POS

Just Scan-Scan-Scan the product barcodes and press F10 to ring the sale. Only 15 minutes of training is sufficient for the cashier. Faster billing and cash handling with this POS software.

Touch POS

Generally used in food and beverages industry. Very little training time. Touch and add item – press finish to ring the sale.


  • Sales and Returns Registers
  • Details for Exchanged, Returned, Complimentary Items
  • Day End Report
  • Sales person reporting
  • Operator / Counter Summary
  • Itemized Sale Report
  • Categorized Sale Report

RanceLab®8 Scan POS has following features

  • User-defined scan field
  • Billing with or without Barcodes
  • Exchange (Sale return and sale in sale screen)
  • Hold the invoice to handle other customer
  • Smart functions like 12*scan to get 12 qty
  • Rate Change (Secured)
  • On hand Quantity Display
  • Customer and Product Information
  • Capture Itemize Sale Person using Barcode

RanceLab®8 Touch POS has following features:

  • Touch Screen Interface / Cash Register Interface
  • Table Layout
  • Modifier Management
  • Forced Question: Forced question is used for ordering items which have options like Small or Large, Vegetation or Non Vegetarian and Sweet or Salted
  • Cancellation Reason Management
  • KOT/BOT Audit and Reports
  • Waste Management
  • Recipe Management
  • Multiple Menus
  • Multiple Price Levels (Happy Hours)
  • Prepaid Mode of Payment
  • Discount Management
  • Attach Photo to Your Menu Items
  • Void Items and Entire Invoice
  • Move Table
  • Move Item
  • Transfer Checks
  • Reprint KOT / Receipts
  • Printer Redirection
  • Display Open and Close Transaction at POS
  • Know Customer's Favorite food
  • Display Customer's Last Visit & Billing Information

Front Office Management

Accurate reservation and faster check-in

FusionPMS makes check-in and check-out processes simpler, faster and more accurate by integrating reservations, room charges and point-of-sale billing.Check-in experience is often the first impression that a hotel makes, and check-out is the last impression. In both the cases, the guest is in a hurry. The front office executive needs various information ranging from room status to minibar consumption. Mistakes cause dissatisfied customers and lost revenue.

FusionPMS works as a queue busting tool in those busy morning hours, when invariably each guest has a flight to catch.


Accurate reservation for individuals, group or corporate

FusionPMS reservation offers a real-time view of all rooms. It also provides a complete set of features to manage individual booking, group booking and corporate booking.

It includes confirmations, cancellations, no shows, special instructions from guest, room blocking and sharing.The inbuilt online reservation system updates the house statute in real time so that you will never need to walk a guest again.

Reserve two or more rooms under one name and then later assign individuals to specific rooms, even with varying arrival and departure dates. Payment can be made for the rooms booked in the group by each individual or group leader.

Reception and Guest Service

Improved overall guest experience

Checking-in and checking-out guests is fast and easy, as it is backed by the real-time availability of reservation and back-office data.The fully integrated POS, accounting and other data help to save time while performing these two critical functions without errors.

Cash and Deposits

Easy payment collection using mix-mode-of-payment

FusionPMS provides all the tools the front office executive needs for doing their day-to-day jobs like handling reservations, checking guests in and out, assigning rooms and managing room inventory, accommodating the needs of in-house guests and handling billing and cash. The guest folio is updated in real time with inbuilt POS for restaurant, room service, travel desk, minibar, gift shop, spa, laundry and other charges.

Cash handling is very easy in FusionPMS. Just point to the reservation and click to take payment in cash, credit card or post it to a leader. The balance amount due for a particular booking is always available on display.

Profiles and Guest History

Guest information and preferences in detail

FusionPMS offers record keeping of the demographic details of the guest, corporate account and travel agent. It includes information such as name, address, phone number, email, guest type and membership type. It also keeps the track of stay, revenue and preferences, and makes it available at the front desk, which maximizes the speed and accuracy of reservations handling.

Guest history is maintained in the system with full details. It gives you the list of who stayed and when, what was consumed, what was billing amount and how it was paid for. It also keeps track of guest preferences so that the regular guest is treated well by new staff.

Night Audit

Ensure correctness of front-office transactions

FusionPMS helps a night auditor review day’s transactions for accuracy and completeness. It shows all the transactions that need attention to accounting detail, procedural controls and the guest credit transactions. It is backed by a variety of action based reports in a systematic way. The night audit function ensures the correctness of guest accounts, reservations, check-in and check-out, posting of day charges and cash collected during the day.

It provides tools and reports to track daily summary of cash, cheque and credit card activities, room revenues, revenue from point of sale, occupancy percentages and other operating statistics. It also helps to supervise credit limits of guest and non-guest accounts to maintain accounting system integrity.

Demand Forecasting

Coloured room status with on-screen access and controls

Real-time view of the house status in different colours shows the availability over weeks. This shows available, occupied and out-of-order rooms. From this screen you can make a new reservation or access a current reservation.

You can easily switch from room view to room-type view which shows type-wise availability over days.

Flexible Rate Plans

Rate charts for rack rates, seasonal, corporate and travel agent

FusionPMS enables the front office executive to make informed decision while offering the rates to the walk-in guest or when making a reservation by phone.

The front office staff can choose from rack rate, season rate or packages based on the guest needs. All rates are controlled by the system for error-free operations.

Sales & Marketing

Achieve a higher occupancy rate and rev-par with inbuilt loyalty program.

FusionPMS helps you achieve a higher occupancy rate and rev-par with inbuilt loyalty programme for creating awareness and maintaining great relationships with guests. You do not have to be an economics professor to implement demand and supply principles to get higher rev-par. Hotel room nights on sale are a highly perishable commodity with the shelf life of exactly one day. You cannot sell yesterday’s unsold room nights. Most hotels operate in a highly competitive environment as a guest chooses after considering several alternative properties. Price is often a decision making factor, but offering correct prices can be a mind-boggling experience for many hoteliers.

FusionPMS helps you maximize the revenue by offering flexible rates, packages and seasons based on demand and supply principle. It also helps you create awareness by delivering effective communication and inbuilt customer loyalty programmes.

Customer Relationship Management

Offer the loyalty card (magnetic, bar-coded or smart card) to the customer

The overall goal is to nurture and retain existing guests and constantly get new ones, entice former guests back into the fold, and reduce the costs of marketing. Your guest expects more from you in terms of choice, accuracy, responsiveness and real-time transactions and, of course, a loyalty programme that guarantees more benefits. With FusionPMS you can offer the loyalty card (magnetic, bar-coded or smart card) to the customer. It awards points to guests when they spend at your property. The guest can be offered to choose from a variety of redeemable options. This helps ensure a guest will prefer your property over another that does not offer such benefits.

FusionPMS records the stay history of each customer. It also generates points based on their purchases and creates different privilege club memberships. When used in a multi-property environment, it keeps track and synchronizes the customer points and other information across the chain. It automatically sends SMS (short messaging service) on birthdays and anniversaries. It can also send SMS for promotions, new packages and festive seasons greetings. The constant and precise communication helps bring the guest back to your hotel.

SMS Integration

Send message to customer on birthday, anniversary and other festive seasons.

At times it is convenient for customers to get the purchase related information on their mobiles. It also makes them feel good to receive SMS related to their loyalty points.

With FusionPMS, SMS integration is used to acknowledge a customer's purchase and to send out messages with points information related to a loyalty programme. It is also used to send sms on birthdays, anniversaries, product launches or other festive seasons.

Travel Agent, Group and Corporate Management

Group Billing or Billing to Corporate.

FusionPMS offers complete management of travel agents, groups and corporates. It enables you to define various discount schemes and commission structures.

FusionPMS marks each booking with different marketplace and business source. It gives you detailed Analysis based on business source, marketplace and customer demographics, such as city and country. It helps you measure the performance of the marketing efforts and fine-tune campaigns.

Rates and Packages management

Multiple Rates like Rack, Season, Agent and Package. Rate for High and Low Week Days

In order to achieve higher occupancy rates and Rev-PAR, system-controlled flexible rate plans are required. However, rate integrity across the different marketing channels needs to be considered. FusionPMS offers the ability to set up different seasons, high and low weekdays, cancellation policies, booking policies and inclusions. It automatically controls rates for different marketing channels such as web, travel agent and corporate.

Performance Measurement

Achieving a Higher CAGR (Compounded Annual Growth Rate)

FusionPMS marks each booking with different marketplace and business source. It gives you detailed Analysis based on business source, marketplace and customer demographics, such as city and country. It helps you measure the performance of the marketing efforts and fine-tune campaigns.

It automatically sends SMS (short messaging service) on birthdays and anniversaries. It can also send SMS for promotions, new packages and festive seasons greetings. The constant and precise communication helps bring the guest back to your hotel.

Guest Complaints and Suggestion

Centralized guest complaints and feedbacks

Guest satisfaction is important to an operating hotel. There are various departments and staff who interact with guests to provide them with quality service. The guest feedback needs to be recorded and backed by action. It looks easy but often ignored due to manual recording and summarizing the feedback from various departments. FusionPMS guest complaint and suggestion module is a centralized store of guest feedback. It saves you from efforts required to collect data from various departments.

Customer Poll and Survey Management

Increase revenue with surveys, polls, customer feedback

Know your guest better and increase revenue with surveys, polls, customer feedback and questionnaires.

FusionPMS survey management allows you to design and execute guest survey with ease. It helps you to know what guest want, that too based on real data and without guesswork and gut instinct.

Housekeeping and Maintenance

FusionPMS empowers cleanliness as it influences guest choice to stay in a specific hotel

According to several industry surveys, guests rate cleanliness as the most important feature affecting their choice to stay in a specific hotel. There is nothing worse than assigning a dirty room to arriving guests. In the morning rush hours when many guests are checking out and many are waiting to check-in, finding out which rooms are clean and verified eats up productive time and contributes to mistakes.FusionPMS marks the room with dirty status as soon a check-out happens. It also marks stay-over room clearly during the night audit. FusionPMS provides the housekeeping staff a real-time occupancy report clearly displaying the room status for each room. The housekeeping staff can simply change the status as the cleaning is done and supervised.

The changes are displayed at reservation as they are being made.In addition to cleaning the rooms, the housekeeping is likely to be responsible for managing the laundry. Housekeeping is also responsible for storing proper inventory for cleaning and room supplies. It requires a good amount of time and effort for record keeping. FusionPMS helps the housekeeper to efficiently record and analyse the inventory and other activities to keep a check on cost

Cleaning, Supervision and Room Status

User friendly housekeeping process which marks the room dirty on check-out automatically

The room is automatically marked dirty on check-out and a task is created and assigned to housekeeping. The task and status of each room is available to the housekeeping staff to update as and when the cleaning is done. The status is clearly visible at the reservation screen and it will never allow assigning a dirty room to a guest. The front-office staff can easily change the status on guest request. The system also can be set to change the housekeeping status to dirty or touch-up on night audit. FusionPMS helps the front office and housekeeping perform their jobs better, resulting in accurate and up-to-date room status.

Task Management and Scheduler

Efficient Task Management ensures fulfillment of task on time

First and foremost, guests want a clean room and as early as possible. FusionPMS helps you handle activities related to housekeeping, room supervision, maintenance and engineering. It works as a communication tool between the front office, housekeeping and the maintenance department.

Minibar Management

Proper minibar management paves the way for selling boos

Some of the guests consume the minibar items while others don’t. However, invariably, all guests like to have the minibar well stocked and to get billed correctly if they consume the items. It is important to charge the minibar consumption before the guest checks-out and settles the bill. This sounds simple, but it creates a lot of paperwork to be done by the housekeeping without making mistakes that either result in upsetting guests or lost revenues. FusionPMS includes complete management for the minibar billing and inventory control by offering a clear inventory position in each minibar, request to refill and billing option.

Inventory and Material Management

Better housekeeping inventory control enables satisfactory cleaning and refilling work

A large number of product inventories are required to be maintained by the housekeeping department for cleaning and servicing. The housekeeping inventory includes cleaning material, bedding, toiletries, kitchenware, glassware, stationery, coffee supplies and minibar items. If too many units are kept in storage, the hotel money is blocked. The shortage will result in unsatisfactory cleaning or refilling work of housekeeping. Housekeeping also needs to track how much is being consumed and how many are getting marked as out of service. It is also important to keep track of pending orders, otherwise this will result in duplicate orders and excess inventory. FusionPMS uses a report to help the housekeeper know how much of each item is in use or short, as well as items that have been ordered but not yet received.

Storing and Issuing (Stock Transfer)

Single click to enter the opening stock, location wise and warehouse wise

FusionPMS comes with complete in-and-out tracking of inventory that helps you to receive, store and issue goods for designated sections to prevent theft or pilfering. It’s easy-to-use stock transfer module helps you to transfer stock from store to kitchen, bar, housekeeping, etc., and vice versa. It prints proper vouchers for all issues and receipts related to activities of stores with a system to acknowledge both the storekeeper and the recipient. It also helps the storekeeper to issue items on a first-in/first-out basis, in particular the items with a specified shelf life.

Barcode Integration

Eliminate error, minimize dependency and speed up the process of inventory control

Apart from malpractices and corruption, inventory discrepancy arises due to common errors such as manually recording item X while receiving and recording item Y while issuing. It takes a lot of time to train personnel to know the naming pattern of the product masters, making the process fully dependent on a particular person. FusionPMS barcode integration eliminates errors and speeds up the process of receiving and issuing of inventory and minimizes the dependency. With FusionPMS you can either utilize the pre-printed barcode found on the product packaging or generate barcode labels for items without barcodes.

Inventory Management

Funds, customer and supplier friendly inventory

The more inventory you have, the more it costs. The more it costs, the less you earn.

  • Increases expenses associated with storage costs, insurance, taxes and interest on loans.
  • Increases the occurrence of product obsolescence & the chance of pilferage and waste. Return of unsold inventory and delay in payments makes the supplier unhappy.

The less inventory you have, the less sales are made. The less you earn.

  • The customer does not like to hear "out-of-stock" or "no-have".
  • Cost of lost sale kills. Customer goes to another store.
  • Negative word of mouth.

RanceLab® FusionRetail™ 8 helps you to keep right inventory by putting a check on slow-moving and non-moving stock. It result in speedy inventory turn that increase profits and smoothen other retail processes.


Error free handling of large number of inventory SKUs

Manually recording item X while buying and selling item Y causes stock mismatch. The result is unreliable inventory report. FusionRetail™ 8 barcode integration eliminates these errors and also speeds up your purchase and sale process.

FusionRetail supports all formats of barcode including popular one like UPC, EAN and GS1. Barcode designer and one-click-generation of barcode-labels minimizes the human efforts and reduces the scope of errors.

Inventory Hierarchy

Correct categorization is mother of all MIS

The retail stores often need to stock thousands of products. It makes it difficult for a store manager to keep track of each item. Categorization helps them to group complimentary or supplementary products together. It helps them to drill down to different level where attention is required.

However people make common mistakes while doing categorization of products. Our innovative procedures helps you to avoid common mistakes and create a meaningful and industry standards hierarchy. It helps you to know category wise purchase, sale and margins. It helps you to quickly adjust the category parameters for higher inventory turn.

Re-order Management

Speedy Inventory Turn

The reorder level, is the point when the minimum stock level for a stock-item is reached and a purchase order should be issued to re-order the item. In other words, when you need to reorder a product to avoid running out of the item. FusionRetail lists the products for you those are near the reorder point. It helps you to set up the re-order point along with quantities.

Purchase Management

Happy supplier with efficient supply and extended credit.

FusionRetail instantly displays last purchase details, auto-fill last prices, and separate classification for each purchase and to track and monitor good and bad business associates. It also helps to create a correct master when you are adding new products.

Sale Management

Enhanced customer experience

Point-of-Sale, a do–it–yourself section of FusionRetail Inventory. It shoulders the responsibilities of an operator and boosts her for greater productivity. A concise, to-the-point and ready to use options loads them like a soldier on a war-front.

Stock Maintenance

Better receiving, storing, issuing and physical verification of inventory

Plan your merchandize by quickly looking at its performance in your inventory book. FusionRetail generates a few selected and finest inventory reports that facilitate an entrepreneur in making the right decision at the right time.

Opening Stock

Easily automate an existing store

You can simply scan the product UPC/EAN and provide information such as quantity, cost price, MRP (maximum retail price), sale price and other dimension like size, color, design, etc. as applicable.

Financial Management

Comprehensive Retail Accounting System

Why Accounts?

  • To know income, expenditure, assets, liabilities, profit and loss
  • Law demands it
  • To submit returns and reports to tax department
  • Business auditors demands it
  • It provides processed feedback to management to evaluate performance and take necessary actions
  • To create accountability
  • For posterity (hand away responsibilities and system from one to another, one generation to another)

It is observed that 60% of retail business transaction comes from inventory activity such as Purchase, Purchase Return, Sale, Sale Returns etc. This integrated system will automatically update necessary data into books of accounts. The balance 40% of your accounting information consists of transactions like receipt, payment, journal and contra vouchers.

RanceLab® FusionRetail™ 6 Financial Management is an integrated financial accounting system. This helps you to keep financial records efficiently. This eliminates errors and delay resulting from duplicity of work.


This voucher is used when you transfer fund from one bank to another, from Cash Book to Bank and vice versa.


This voucher involves receipt of money.


This voucher involves payment of money.


This voucher is entered for all other types of non cash transactions (e.g adjustment for Depreciation, Liabilities for expenses, pre paid expenses etc).

Display and Navigation

You can view all type of vouchers in this report. This give fast navigation and makes modification faster. You can use page – up or page-down keys to move through the vouchers.


  • Daily Transaction Sheet
  • Bank Book
  • Cash Book
  • Ledger Report
  • Group of Ledger
  • Day Book
  • Journal Book
  • Fund Movement
  • Trial Balance
  • Profit and Loss Account
  • Balance Sheet
  • Tax Register
  • Cost Centre Report

Customer Relationship

Customer Loyalty Program that increases your ticket size by 20-30%

The overall goals are to nurture and retain existing customer and constantly get new one, entice former customers back into the fold, and reduce the costs of marketing.

Your customers wants more choice. More recognition. More responsiveness. More real-time transactions. And of course a "loyalty card" that guarantees more (extra) benefits.

Offer the loyalty card (magnetic, bar-coded or a smart card) to the customer. Award points when they buy and keep them coming back to your store. This guarantees increase in sale.

RanceLab® FusionRetail™ 6 CRM records the buying history of each customer. It also generates points based on their purchases and creates different privilege club membership. When used in multi store environment, RanceLab® FusionRetail™ 6 CRM keeps track and synchronize the customer points and other information across the chain in near real time.

RanceLab® FusionRetail™ 6 CRM automatically sends SMS on birthday and anniversary. It also sends SMS for promotion, new arrival, store launch and festive seasons greeting. The constant and precise communication helps bringing the customer back to the store.

Poll & Survey Management

Electing certain persons for specific posts by the independent members for controlling the administration of business house.

Customer Service

Customer Service Management that ensures repeat business and referrals.

HR and Payroll

Pay employees the right amount and on time in order to keep them motivated

A major portion of the operational cost of a retail store is employee payments. It is important for a retail store to pay employees the right amount and on time in order to keep them motivated and satisfied. It is all too easy to make mistakes while doing the complex calculations required for payroll. This can result in wrong payments that can annoy your employees and reduce company morale. FusionRetail payroll helps you to record employee profile, attendance and calculate the pay and deductions. It covers wages and salaries, overtime, commission, bonuses, holiday pay, statutory payments and deduction against loan. It helps you pay your employees the correct amount on time, every time. You know what a dissatisfied employee means to the service-based retail industry. Demotivated and dissatisfied employees often lose focus from customer service.

Work Plan and Holiday List

Holidays and Designation wise office hours

Working out holiday entitlements can be a mind-boggling experience for many retail store executives. With FusionRetail, you can create a proper policy and process in-place.

Employee Master

Working out tax details while computing the payment for staff is complex and time consuming. FusionRetail payroll system helps you deal with payroll related events, such as if an employee is promoted, leaves the company or if a tax rate changes.

Pay Head and Salary Structure

Think about how long it takes your team to perform payroll tasks each week and month. It also takes a lot of time to track records, such as who was hired, when and at what pay structure. It is also required that someone keeps a record of attendance. At the time of weekly or monthly payment, it creates an additional pressure as everyone’s pay needs to be calculated with accuracy.

Purchase Management

Happy supplier with efficient supply and extended credit.

FusionRetail instantly displays last purchase details, auto-fill last prices, and separate classification for each purchase and to track and monitor good and bad business associates. It also helps to create a correct master when you are adding new products.

Attendance (Fingerprint or Smart Card)

A retail store is a 24x7 business and the staff requirement is based on the occupancy. There are different types of employees with various work shifts, which makes it hard to keep track of attendance. Correct attendance recording is required to calculate the right pay and to analyse employee regularity, punctuality and other insights. FusionRetail payroll comes with a fully configurable attendance system that can be used with fingerprint or smart cards.

Earning and Deduction

In many countries it is a statutory requirement to deduct tax, other statutory obligation(s) and contributions to state fund. There are other general deductions that need to be accounted for while calculating pay. An employee’s satisfaction involves getting paid on time with accurate general and statutory deductions. With FusionRetail, you can easily define the process and policies, and get the accurate calculation automatically.

Pay Slip Generation

Employees often need to know how the pay has been calculated and they sometimes need documents for their home loan or other statutory requirement, as well. FusionRetail helps you to easily print out the pay slip and pay-check in an easy to understand format.

Payroll Reports

Also, other departments need certain analytical reports related to payroll, such as daily attendance sheets and pay sheets. With FusionRetail, these reports are centralized and can be used by executives of other departments that have been granted access to.

Advance Retail Tools

Tools that simplify your work

Order & Delivery Notes Price List Rate Contract Advance Data Tools

  • Import & Export Data (Excel, CSV, XML, PDF)
  • Bulk Update
  • Button re-organize
  • Matrix creator
  • User-defined Fields & Lists

Scheme & Promotions

Turn your Slow Moving and Dead Stock into Cash

Scheme and Promotion produce very pronounced effects to retail business. It is indisputable that Scheme and Promotion offer retail store a series of benefits which other forms of marketing communications cannot duplicate.

  • Date Range for single, multiple or all week days
  • Time Range for single, multiple or all week days (Happy Hour Pricing)
  • Product – single, multiple or all products
  • Location – single, multiple or all locations (chain of outlets)

RanceLab® FusionRetail™ 6 offers a bouquet of scheme and promotion fairly customizable to suite your business needs. It is set on

Buy X, Get Y

Using this method helps you to set a discounted price for quantities of an item, purchased with a specified number of an item.


  • BOGOF "Buy 1, get 1 free"
  • Get a Hauppauge TV Tuner worth Rs. 4500 with every purchase of selected models of Compaq Laptops
  • Buy any Esprit Time ware and get the second one at 50 per cent discount
  • Buy 2 Trouser and get 1 shirt at 50% off
  • Buy 20 KG Rice and GET 1 Kg of Sugar Free

Mix and Match: Unit Price

You can use this method when all the discounted items share the same price. This type of discount sets different unit prices for each purchase quantity. In this option you can specify the Discount as per quantity of products.


  • Any 4 formal shirts for Rs. 999
  • Buy any 5 game CD's at Rs. 199
  • Buy 2 Shirt for Rs. 575 Each and Buy 3 Shirt for Rs. 499 Each

Mix and Match: Percent Off

You can use this method when the discounted items have different prices. This type of discount sets a different percentage off the regular price of each item for each purchase quantity.


  • Buy 2 Shirt at 10% off
  • Buy 3 Shirt at Rs. 15% off

Bill Discount

You can use this method to set a discount on the entire bill based on the value of the bill.


  • Buy goods worth Rs.10000 and get 10% discount
  • Buy goods worth Rs.6000 and get discount of Rs.499

Coupon (Cross Promotion)

Use this method to print a coupon based on the item. This is used for the cross promotion with other outlets.


  • On shopping for goods between Rs 299-1499, win free food coupons, video games
  • Buy 4 Shirt of United Color and get one Ray-Ban sunglasses free
  • Buy 2 kids t-shirt and get a ice-cream coupon free

Retail Analytics

Ultimate tool for Organising & Analysing Retail data

A completely new approach for reports, designed from the ground-up - RanceLab® FusionRetail™ 6 reports are ultimate tool for organizing and analyzing your business data. The report's main functionality is in its ability to summarize large amounts of information, and represent it in a register and cross-tabulated form. So, it is the best tool to create financial, stock and statistical reports.

For instance, you can analyze sales during specific periods (years, quarterly intervals, months) for each customer or each product category, or you can create a report which will show the top 10 customers, by items purchased. Another example is a report that displays the most or least popular products.

Reports with Graphs

These reports allow you to easily reorganize the layout using drag-and-drop. As a result, the business data will be re-summarized according to the new layout of the column and row fields, so you can easily alter a report to display the information they need in the way they need it. The report window provides a spreadsheet style access to all data maintained by the RanceLab® FusionRetail™ 6.

Aging and Analysis

For those of you familiar with Microsoft Excel, this report is very similar. All reports have full query (SQL) capabilities so you can view, customize, filter and group your data and design the reports you need. The report window lets you design views by simply dragging the columns into the order you want, then removing the columns you don't want. It allows you to perform a smart search within the report. After a report is designed, that view can be saved and recalled whenever necessary.

Pivot Reports

These reports are converted to pivot format and vice versa. All the reports are available for export in Excel, Text, PDF, HTML, RTF and CSV for integration with any third party application. These reports are further converted into a data cube and can be viewed on RanceLab® FusionRetail™ 6 interface without SQL Database. There is virtually no limit to the number of views you can design. RanceLab® FusionRetail™ 6 comes with many common reports already pre-designed.

Graphs & Dashboard

As the saying goes "A picture is worth 1000 words", RanceLab® FusionRetail™ 6 analysis reports have graph for quick and on-time decision.

RanceLab® FusionRetail™ 6 Analysis Reports has following features:

  • Periodical Purchase
  • Periodical Sale
  • Top Purchase
  • Top Sale
  • Classified Top Purchase
  • Classified Top Sale
  • Sale by Day / Time
  • Sale by Type
  • Stock Movement
  • Profitability
  • Inventory Margin Mix
  • No Stock and No Sale Report
  • Price Point Analysis
  • Stock Aging
  • KOT Analysis
  • Void Item and Variance Analysis

Chain Store Management

Enterprise wide real-time connectivity across all of your Stores

You just need simple dial up or a broadband internet connection. No need to have fixed IP or leased lines. The smart client technology allows each location to work independently even if the internet connectivity is lost. Whenever the connectivity is stored it syncs the data automatically with head office.

Occasionally Connected Clients

If you cannot afford to lose sale, customer and revenue just for unreliable internet connection, deploying a web based application obviously won't work. Consider RanceLab® FusionRetail™ 6. You can carry out all the store operation without worrying about the connectivity. Everything gets updated automatically when its gets next connection.

Near Real Time

If the internet connectivity is stable, it synchronizes the data in near-real-time. This means you do not have to wait for day end and manually import the data.


Initial Installation is very easy and fast. RanceLab® FusionRetail™ 6 installer have all the components you need to deploy on a Microsoft® Windows® XP platform.

Centralized Setting

All the settings like printing, options and security is centrally controlled. This means there is Zero Setup at branch location. The setup does not require special skills at the branch location.

Regular Update

The update process is built in the application itself. Once the server is updated using "Auto Update" function, all the clients gets updated automatically.

Automatic Data Synchronization

The data is automatically synchronized based on the data sending rules. This gives you ultimate control on what data should synchronize. The best part is that no human intervention is required. No manual import and export.

Mobile and Web based Reporting

Access reports from anywhere. Choose from various platforms. Use your own server and database

A Conscious Retailer would like to access the Retail information from mobile devices.

  • FusionMobil is cloud based software that allows you to directly access data from your own server situated at your store. It comes to you as add-on to FusionRetail and you can access it from any smartphone, tab, laptop or desktop.
  • It supports multiple platforms – Windows Phone, iPhone, iOS and Android.
  • It shows Sale Analysis, Stock Vs Sale, Target Vs Achievement etc. It significantly improves your productivity and enables rapid and informed decision-making.
  • Despite power and scope, FusionMobi minimizes your IT overhead with self-service reporting and on-demand analysis. Its powerful reporting delivers rapid ROI (return on investment) at an attractive TCO (total cost of ownership).

Benefits of FusionMobi

  • Access from any device – Smartphone, Tab, Laptop and Desktop
  • Runs on multiple platform - Windows, iPhone and Android
  • It’s easy, natural and awesome user interface saves your precious time while using it for the first timeusing it for the first time
  • Significantly improves business user productivity
  • Enables rapid and informed decisions
  • Minimizes IT overhead
  • Self-serve reporting & on demand analysis
  • Delivers rapid return-on-investment and attractive total-cost-of-ownership

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